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What are the Curiosities About Tonsil Surgery?

Anasayfa Blog What are the Curiosities About Tonsil Surgery?

As soon as the tonsil surgery is over, the most curious issue for patients is when they can go home. Since this surgery is not something very heavy and laborious, there is no problem in leaving home on the same day. However, in some cases, a 1-day observation period is determined in accordance with the patient’s own request or the doctor’s advice. The most important point of this surgery is how the postoperative process proceeds.

After tonsil surgery, the operated area remains as an open type wound. Therefore, there is bleeding that may occur until the wound closes. There is nothing to be afraid of if this blood comes in small amounts. However, when symptoms such as fresh blood from the operated area or bloody vomiting appear, you will definitely need to go to a hospital. It would also be a good choice to consult the doctor who performed the surgery. There may be cases such as infection or irritation in the operated area.

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