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Op. Dr. Başak Çaypınar

Dr. Başak Çaypınar; Born in Konya in 1983, she completed her primary education in Konya İnkılap Primary School, then Konya Meram Anatolian High School as the 8th in Konya and Konya Meram Science High School as the 45th in Konya. In 2007, he graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, TUS in Turkey 365th in Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital as the ear, nose and throat department won. In 2013, he completed his specialization, and during his specialization period, he worked as an observer doctor with Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Palmer, who are considered to be autors in the field of endoscopic sinus surgery at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States of America.

After his specialization, he completed his compulsory service in Isparta Yalvaç State Hospital and while practicing the art of medicine in the private sector since 2015, he has been continuing his academic studies as a faculty member at Istanbul Gelisim University since 2017.

Dr. Çaypınar; He has been accepting patients in his own clinic in Ataköy since 2022.

Courses and Conferences Attended

Marmara University Animal Experiments Course 3-14 October 2011; Istanbul
Interactive RPAC (Rhinoplasty and Apnea Surgery) Meetings; May 23, 2009; Ankara
Istanbul ENT-BBC Specialists Association 1st Congress & SKYBD Workshop; June 20-21, 2009; Istanbul
9th International Congress of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery; April 8-10, 2010; Ankara
Videoconferences-8; March 26-28, 2010; Adana
Difference of Interpretation in ENT; September 15-17, 2010; Sapanca
32nd Turkish National Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Congress; October 27-31, 2010; Antalya
The Penn International Rhinology an Skull Base Dissection Course, March 10-12, 2011; Pennsylvania; USA.
Applied Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course in Cadaver; December 2-4, 2011; Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine
8th Turkish Rhinology Congress; May 24-27, 2012; Antalya
AAO-HNSF 2012 Annual Meeting & Auto Expo; September 9-12, 2012; Washington, USA.
10th Rhinocamp; May 08-12, 2013; Bodrum
9th Turkish Rhinology Congress; May 23-26, 2013; Antalya
Aesthetic Meeting of Nose and Eye; September 29, 2013; Sapanca
8th National Facial Plastic Surgery Association Meeting; December 5-7, 2014; Ankara
Advances in Rhinoplasty; May 14-17, 2015; Chicago; USA.


35th Turkish National Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Congress Best Researcher Third Prize