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Adenoid Surgery

Anasayfa Adenoid Surgery

What is adenoid surgery?

Adenoid surgery is a surgical procedure to remove adenoid or adenoid tissue, which is common in children and causes breathing problems, recurrent ear infections, sinusitis or sleep apnea. The surgery aims to provide a solution to the symptoms caused by adenoid size. Usually performed using an endoscope or intraoral instruments, the procedure is usually completed in a short period of time and patients usually experience a quick recovery. The surgery offers an effective solution for problems caused by adenoid size, such as breathing difficulties, ear infections or sleep apnea.

Suitable Candidates for Adenoid Surgery

Suitable candidates for adenoid surgery are usually individuals who experience symptoms such as recurrent ear infections, sinusitis problems, difficulty breathing, sleep apnea and other complications caused by adenoid. Health problems due to adenoid size, which is especially common in children, may require surgical intervention. However, each patient’s situation is different, so the evaluation and decision on the suitability for adenoid surgery should be made by a specialist ear, nose and throat doctor.

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Adenoid Surgery Recovery Process

Recovery after adenoid surgery is usually quick and effective. The surgery is usually minimally invasive, which allows patients to experience less pain and discomfort. After the operation, patients are usually expected to return to normal and perform light activities within a few days. However, the full recovery process may vary from individual to individual. Mild pain, swelling and throat discomfort are normal in the first few days. Doctor-recommended medication, rest and instructions to avoid certain activities are important to support the healing process. It is also important to pay attention to diet and follow the doctor’s recommendations. Patients should follow post-surgical check-ups and contact their doctor immediately in case of any complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Children usually recover quickly after adenoid surgery. However, each child may react differently.
It is important to take the medication prescribed by the doctor regularly, rest, avoid certain activities and follow the recommended diet.
Post-operative check-ups are important for the doctor to assess the patient's recovery and to detect any problems early.